Our Solutions

Protech Transport, Protech Factory, Protech Surveillance, Protech Face-AI, Protech Thermal, Protech Building

Protech Transport is an Intelligent Transportation System based on deep learning

Protech Factory enables effective safety and security control in industrial environment

Protech Surveillance brings latest surveillance technology: artificial intelligence, spectra, 4K

Protech Face-AI provides complete visual perception system and data analysis system

Protech Thermal offers a comprehensive range of night vision and thermometric solutions.

Protech Building control IoT devices/services with only on App to create a smart home


We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of technology leaders and innovators.







About Us

Jisung Protech Inc provides complete end-to-end solutions in video surveillance equipped with the latest world-leading technologies in security.


The company was founded by 2 experienced defense & security business practitioners, with a combination of more than 20 years of experience in Defense, Security and Safety, Software Development, Digital Media and International Relations.


Our brand Protech has been widely recognized for more than 20 years as an embodiment of high-quality solutions and services.


We provide cutting edge technologies in safety, security, and automation with the highest quality and reliability to protect your critical infrastructures and valued assets.